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Investigative Reporting/The News Enterprise

The Journalism Program’s investigative reporting project immerses students in the practice of in-depth, public-interest journalism. The initiative, dubbed The News Enterprise, got underway in fall 2011 as a two-semester course in which a small group of students receive practical, hands-on training in advanced reporting techniques. Students learn to use documents, databases and interviews to probe beneath the surface and report on significant regional and national issues.


Students in JRNL 301, "Advanced News Reporting and Writing" now produce podcast stories as part of their training, in addition to contined focus on other advanced news reporting skills needed across all platforms. Since this is a required course in the Journalism Program, it introduces all students on how to write for broadcast, how to work with digital audio recording and editing technologies and how to tell compelling stories with their voices as well as their words.


Students advance their abilities as journalists through research, reporting, analysis of official documents and budgets, interviewing techniques, beat reporting, news writing, feature writing.


Students produce numerous pieces of Web content, from blogs to full-fledged multimedia Web sites. Working in small groups, students are challenged to think broadly about how best to cover their topics with video, audio, photography, interactivity, text and links.

Student Work