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On September 14, 2012, Emory College Dean Robin Forman announced the closing of several departments and programs and the restructuring of others. The Journalism Program was and remains on his list of programs that will close at the end of the Spring semester in 2014. As a result of that decision, the Emory Journalism Program is not accepting any new students and, after the Spring 2013 semester, will not offer the introductory course that has served as the gateway to other courses in our curriculum. 

The news of the Dean’s decision, which the Journalism Program was not consulted on and did not learn about until the day before the announcement, has received extensive coverage in The Emory Wheel, which can be found at The Journalism faculty, which has vigorously disagreed with the decision and the process by which it was reached, issued a statement, which can be found on this website under the News/Events tab. The Dean’s announcement may be found there as well.

Since the decision, our attention has been focused on arranging for our current Journalism co-majors and minors to complete the required courses and internships. The dean has indicated some Journalism courses may continue, but it is unclear what those will be.

For high school students who are interested in Emory and who had hoped to focus on Journalism, we want to express our disappointment that we will not be able to receive you in our program. But we also want to note, as has Dean Forman, that a multitude of the finest journalists today and in the past have come out of undergraduate liberal arts programs that did not have a Journalism curriculum.  Emory has an impressive number of prominent alums who graduated before the Journalism Program was started in 1996 and who have done very well in journalism.

Please click on the links below to view the letters from the Dean as well as the journalism program response.

Dean Forman's Letter to the Emory College Community

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