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Welcome to the Journalism Program!

 The Emory Journalism Program, which has produced some of the nation’s top journalists, is an intensive, practically oriented program designed to develop and prepare journalism leaders, powerful writers and specialized reporters for an evolving multimedia environment. The program is committed to fostering compelling, ethical journalism and critical thinking grounded in a liberal arts and science foundation.

The journalism program is open to all undergraduates at Emory, and all are invited. One of the distinguishing strengths of our program is that students can build a co-major by combining journalism with another major, which brings into our classrooms students whose interests include business, neuroscience, sociology, theater, economics, political science, public health and a wide range of other disciplines.

By encouraging students to bring another discipline, another passion, to the classroom, we are able to better prepare them to become journalists with general or specialized interests, or to employ their journalism training and principles in an altogether different field. The dual focus gives our students a decided advantage in a highly competitive journalism market where specialized knowledge is an increasingly valuable commodity. Journalism co-majors who choose a field other than journalism take with them writing skills, media savvy and ethical values that will enable them to work with competence, compassion and credibility.

Liberal arts study cultivates the depth and qualities one seeks in great reporters: a spirit of inquiry; the drive for discovery; and a wonder at the world. In that spirit, the program is also committed to teaching both journalism and non-journalism students to become more critical news consumers. As one of only 20 institutions nationwide currently teaching news literacy, the program is at the forefront of a movement that seeks to educate students about the essential role of a free press while giving them the tools to evaluate the credibility and importance of any news story across all media platforms.

We are more than a professional school of practice. Our core is Emory's strong tradition in the liberal arts and sciences. Students learn to think critically, write powerfully and report ethically. The program builds a strong foundation in journalism fundamentals, press issues, and new technology, and in recent years has added a focus on digital media, investigative reporting, news literacy, and civil rights reporting. Through internships that are available year-round, students gain versatility in professional newsrooms.

Reinstated on campus in 1996 after a 43-year hiatus, the Emory Journalism Program has devoted the last 16 years to building a well-grounded, diversified curriculum that puts students on the front lines and frontiers of the changing news landscape.

Emory’s storied journalism program produced, among others, Claude Sitton and John Herbers, both legendary New York Times reporters; Reese Cleghorn, who built his newspaper reputation in Atlanta, Detroit and Charlotte before becoming dean of the journalism school at the University of Maryland;  and Louisville Courier-Journal editor Grady Clay, known for his coverage of urban affairs and landscape architecture.

That iteration of the program ended in 1953 and was restored in 1996 when Sitton returned to Georgia and, with a major endowment from the James M. Cox Jr., Foundation, built the program we have today.

Recent graduates include Jen Brown, senior producer of on NBC; Robbie Brown, reporter for The New York Times; Shalini Ramachandran of The Wall Street Journal; Ellen Gabler of the Chicago Tribune, and Chris Megerian of the Los Angeles Times.

Other well-known journalists who attended or graduated from Emory include longtime NBC anchor David Brinkley; NPR sports reporter Mike Pesca; Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Frank Main of the Chicago Sun-Times; and Marketplace host and senior editor Kai Ryssdal.

 We are available to meet and talk with you about your interest in journalism, so please come visit!

Journalism Program Faculty

Hank Klibanoff, Director, Emory Journalism Program

Sissel McCarthy

Sheila Tefft

David Armstrong